Selia Yang

Why Selia Yang?

Stylish, sophisticated and sexy – Selia’s wedding gowns are sleek with innovative details and the fit is phenomenal.

Selia Yang’s wedding gowns are innovative yet timeless. She truly understands what women want and knows how to make them look fabulous. Selia has redefined the concept of simple elegance in the world of modern brides.

Selia founded her design company in 1997 with the opening of her boutique in New York’s trendy East Village. The fashion industry was immediately impressed with her keen eye for detail and the impeccable quality of her gowns.
She began by designing cocktail and evening gowns but due to the overwhelming requests from clients to design their wedding gowns, Selia started the Selia Yang Bridal Collection. Selia’s wedding dress showroom in Tribeca has now become a “must-see” for every bride in town.

“Selia Yang specializes in gowns for women who never got over playing dress-up. Her femme-y creations shimmer with luxe fabrics, incredible detail work and colors ranging from ladylike pastels to startling brights.” The Village Voice, New York City.
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